Welcome to the Clay Café Ceramic Studio ! 

Clay Café is a family destination currently located in Visalia

at  1018 E. Mineral King Ave near beautiful downtown Visalia.  

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Clay Cafe is an independent contemporary ceramic arts studio.  Unlike the studios of the past, all of our ceramics have been fired and are ready for painting.  We use high quality ceramic paints only, never acrylics.  After painting, ceramics are fired once again in our onsite kilns and are always guaranteed “food safe”.

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We also offer Customized Clay Impressions and Life Casting with Plaster by appointment. Please take time to explore our website and discover the many possibilities for a completely unique art experience.  Moreover Clay Café  is the perfect “venue” site for small gatherings.   Questions are encouraged.  We are always open to customized packages and planning.  No matter your needs, we aim to please and our ears are open.

See you soon!     Visalia  – 559.733.2022